Adnan Joubran et Kader Fahem – Chased

« Nice artistic collaboration with my friend, oud player, Adnan Joubran ».

A new single by Adnan Joubran, Inspired by the pandemic COVID19 that the world is currently going through, this track was composed to take the listener a few minutes away from the panic and fear from the unknown.

« I was driving heading to a supermarket to buy food for my kids and family, and i felt that everyone is chasing me to the same place, and then i looked wider and felt that we are all chased by one little fear, of a big mysterious era, how come this can happen to us now?
I had to compose something to feel this THING chasing us, but in the same time a melody that can ease on us things and can make us take a deeper breath and handle this together ».

Adnan Joubran